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In the retrospective over the last 60 years we recognize an enormous impact of new technologies on our lives. One of the eminent examples for this is structural dynamics. Before the war, this field was only of scientific interest to some engineers engaged in eigenfrequencies of structures, corresponding mode shapes or simple machine-excitations. In the 1950ies, a dramatic race started for more profound understanding of dynamic phenomena, their sufficiently exact evaluation with the aim to dynamically improve respective structures.

Overlooking structural dynamics today, it has split up into many sub-disciplines with high influence on all our lives. Wind and earthquake engineering, impact problems with dynamic damage, soil-structure-fluid-interaction, kinetic instabilities, shock, vibration and noise control: Only a few of many further keywords representing important sub-fields of structural dynamics presently.

To assemble all engineers with interests in structural dynamics, the EASD – European Association of Structural Dynamics was founded in 1990. Since then, the EASD has formed a strong podium for exchange of ideas in this field. The following sample collection gives an overview over the manifold of possible applications. Every reader is encouraged to add his contribution to these pages via the EASD secretariat.


Prof. W.B. Krätzig
(EASD-Honorary President

The EASD-brochures are available as pdf-documents.